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Skin Remodeling

Meet Your Second Brain

By now, many of us are aware that we have a “second brain”.  For the rest of us shyly scratching our heads, it’s okay – it’s not something anatomists openly talk about.  Until now.   The second brain has been danced around for centuries; however, recent (the last 50 years) research is finally shining the light more confidently in it’s direction.  It’s finally not only  “safe” to talk about, but it’s changing body-mind medicine, and in turn:  Lives.   Now that we’ve established that it’s safe to talk about, let’s give it a name: “The Enteric Nervous System.”   If…

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PRP and Microneedling Fort Lauderdale

GET YOUR GLOW BACK WITH PLATELET RICH PLASMA AND MICRONEEDLING What is Microneedling? The demand for non-surgical aesthetic procedures with little to no downtime for patients are on the rise. Microneedling with Skin Pen is designed to stimulate and remodel collagen while addressing the common signs of aging. It is ideally suited for patients who wish to revitalize and refresh the appearance of their skin. By adjusting the micro-needles, treatments can be tailored to address each patient’s individual concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, uneven pigment and striae at the depth required for each condition. PREVENT THE SUBTLE…

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