Skin Cancer Treatment With SRT


Performed in our Fort Lauderdale office, Superficial Radiation Therapy delivers optimum results without the negative side effects of more surgical invasive treatments. By providing a formulated fraction of low-dose of radiation this non-surgical skin cancer treatment safely destroys non-melanoma skin cancer cells without the risk of scarring or downtime from surgery. Aesthetix Skin & Surgery has partnered with SkinCure Oncology to combine experienced radiology technicians ,(physicists, and radiation oncologists) with the unparalleled tool of the SRT-Vision. This newer, state of the art device utilizes ultrasound technology to monitor treatment and effectively clear tumors. All treatments are directed by Dr Chaplik, a Mohs Surgeon and skin cancer expert who has the experience and technology to help patients decide witch treatment will be the most effective on an individualized basis.

Skin Cancer Treatment With SRT



Is SRT and effective treatment for my skin cancer?

SRT closely approaches the effectiveness of Mohs surgery for non-melanoma skin cancer, and is more effective compared to traditional non-Mohs excisions. Best of all, with radiation you don’t scarring or pain that can come along with surgery.

What side effects can I expect from SRT treatment?

Typically patients do not experience side effects with these superficial radiation treatments. Occasionally the top layer of treated skin can become slightly scaly or crusted. It will typically take at least four treatments before the treated area becomes slightly pink in coloration.

Is superficial radiation therapy safe?

Unlike traditional radiation, which was designed to treat internal malignancies such as bone or liver, this level of radiation is a fraction of the energy. Since SRT was specifically designed for the treatment of skin cancer, it only needs to penetrate to the base of the skin surface where skin cancer resides. This low level of radiation makes SRT safer than traditional radiation therapy.

Is this treatment expensive, will my insurance pay for it?

Most managed care plans and Medicare cover SRT treatment. If you have an HMO or PPO insurance plan, you may or may not have a deductible that has to be met before any procedures are covered. If you are a Medicare patient then your SRT treatment will likely be fully covered after your deductible has been met. We also offer self-pay plans for those without health insurance. As this varies between patients and insurance companies, inquire with our office to find out more about coverage and pricing.

Skin Cancer Treatment With SRT